Sunday, May 11, 2008

we're shutting up

emotions blind us.

sometimes, its better to keep on not talking, until the fog of irrationality clears up in your brain. otherwise, you end up being so stupid.

things arent clear until its over.

grabe. the world is so weird.


maccaroo: when people start liking someone a little too much
maccaroo: it makes people stupid
ken cultura: true
maccaroo: when i like someone too much, i dont get to flirt.
maccaroo: i shut the hell up
ken cultura: ill try to be cruel
maccaroo: what dya mean?
ken cultura: im sometimes become too nice
maccaroo: ooohhhhh
maccaroo: you turn meann
maccaroo: that's so girly
ken cultura: haha
ken cultura: maybe
ken cultura: maybe not
ken cultura: maybe ill just shut up
maccaroo: yeah it is
maccaroo: lets just both shut up
maccaroo: and hope to god and hell
maccaroo: we wont do anything out of the ordinary
maccaroo: e.g. something utterly stupid

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