Thursday, May 22, 2008

Im just a big cliche.

It's pretty much all the same for me.

Writing, taking photos, sketching, reading, even making music. Maybe I've never felt it in my life, but I've been living and breathing art. Every single day.

I know the true vice I indulge in is forcing beauty in everything. Thats why I had props, that's why I dress up, that's why I advertise and maybe that's why I'm quickly falling in love with photography.

I write because I poeticize everything I feel. I'm just a big cliche.

If there's a reason for living, maybe its art. I dont knoowwwwww... I'm thinking it's love. Im thinking it's happiness. I'm thinking it's sensation.

Maybe Art is underrated. Maybe.

I think I've just turned into an artist. Or siguro nakikiuso lang ako. Haha.

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