Saturday, May 3, 2008


ive decided from this day onwards to not care what other think of me anymore. i know who i am anyway and i dont need anyone telling me what i am. (even if that kinda does influence what i think of myself).

im in college that's why it matters. highschool is just a pre-test of college social climbing system. well, i soooo want out. thinking that way is stopping me from living life the way i should be living it.

i know myself, always have and i dont need anyone telling me what and what not to do.

fuck the people who want to be "cool". that's the most passe thing in the universe.


as my passage rite to the world of uncoolness, i have taken up a new personal sport that i'd be christeninging "Yoga-ish."

see, i wanted to learn yoga, but after browsing books on it, i decided to give up IMMEDIATELY. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW GROTESQUE THEY ALL LOOK LIKE?

so starts the newest state of the art relaxing practice called "Yoga-ish". it involves a whole lot of stretching. actually, thats pretty much all it involves. the art of Yoga-ish means you get to stretch and bend to your heart's content for 10 minutes and feel like you did Yoga for real.

in other words, its "fake yoga".

in other other other words, you're just fooling yourself that you're doing yoga, therefore fooling yourself that you're relaxed. yeeeheeeyyy!!

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