Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hindi sakin bagay mag ponytail

one of the facts of life i just really really really have to accept. along with the others who are less grave. not being able to pull my hair in a pony or bun is just one of the saddest things on earth. sigh.


I ATE SO MUCH TODAAYYY! that's how a i gauge my happiness, see. on how much i eat. i know that considerng mcdo fries as breakfast is pretty, uhhh, tame. the thing is, i ate like a normal person today. and that's more than too much for me. pretty soon id be eating a lot lot lot.

wont that be great?


i dont really tell people about my day plans, you know. just this once:

ohh and it's geno's birthday. waahhh. we love you genoooo. surprise birthday party. pretty much everyone was there. (namely: me, nica, daddurz, ji, teta, louie, macky, bes, khan, papajoms, miguel, jomps) plus poker. plus wowoweee. oohhh.. and there were the truths and the dares!

the boys and girls of summer (malumanay-mode). and geno's 21-candled cake!
gawd. my cam phone sucks.


geno said...

aw!!! it was really fun! love y'all! and thank you! had fun and I really missed you guys a lot rin! hahaha-GENO

insane_orange said...

I think you look good with your hair up.

macci said...

geno, im so happy we were able to make your 21st special! hoooray to us. happy birthday. we missed you. so muchie.

i love you, dearest. mwah mwah. btw, im kinda broke this summer. you can only invite me to low-budget gimiks!