Friday, May 2, 2008

dear, i love you.

i still cant believe you MIGHT not go home anymore. but it makes me happy that it's "might" and not "definitely". after this summer, think about it, ive only got one summer left, and spending it without you would be hell.

you were always my back up. the one i lean on when all else fails. you're the one who will always always always be there.

this summer is hell. its because you're not here. i need you. and it sucks for us. i know it sucks for you too. if only we can suck it up together, wouldnt that be so fucking great?!!

i love you, dear. i just cant get over it. i miss you so much already.

please please please please. i wish i could just snap my fingers and you'd be here to stay overnight. waaahhhh. this sucks. sobra. :(

please go home.

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