Sunday, May 11, 2008

disclaimer : im nothing in particular

im not much of a writer. i mean, i dont, like, write to have myself published (as much as i want to. that'd be an effing wish come true, btw. nextlover, please be sweet and get me published.) i write about the trivialities of MY life and not of public matters that may actually contribute a difference to the world. i believe that i am writing for entertainment and recording purposes. also for personal therapy. and to satisfy my narcissism. but i do not write for the community.

im also not much of a nerd. accept it. i read, i write, i think 24/7. but im not, like, highly academic smart. and see, i just used the word "like" on pretty much a couple of sentences already. that is so bimbocious.

im also no longer much of a fashionista or makeup junkie. well, not anymore. unfortunately for my vanity, ive figured that there are other things in life worth obsessing about. this does not eradicate my need for clothes and cosmetics, but still.

im not a real real party girl. i go to parties, throw parties, plan parties with other people. i live for the booze, boys, drinks, and music. i live for the people. but because i am not cool enough (god bless my soul), i am not really a party girl. i love bars and shit, but i do not go regularly. and i dont go there on a semi-regular basis. I BARELY GO! as much as i want to, i am dependent on other people's connections to get into these places. and legal of age as i may be, i am still under parental supervision, and my partygoings are still limited.

im not a real artist. for the whole summer, ive only gotten to hold a pencil twice. and i did so because i reached the peak of boredom and desperation. not because i want to learn as all artists must.

im not a real spoiled brat either. we're not THAAAATTT rich, see. so i can't be a spoiled brat. and from what ive heard, spoiled brats never get bankrupt. AND I AM AT THE MOMENT. so that is an indication of my miserable unspoiled-bratness.

so to make things clear, im nothing in particular. but to make it sound soo much better than it really is, im a little bit of everything.

ha! hardeharhar!

your's truly,
macci, the blogger.

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