Friday, May 16, 2008

im sick

im sick, just like the rest of the population. im just a whole lot sicker. i woke up the other day at 39.7 celsius, vomitting everything i eat or drink.

pakshet yang gin gatorade na yan! onte lng nmn ininom ko e. :( ive been warned about it but i still pushed through! now im not just sick. im extra sick! kesa lagnat lng meron ako, i feel the hangover. i dont vomit when i have a fever, ever.

i just want to get well already. :(

i feel like hell. really. my head hurts. my tummy does too. i cant stand straight. and i cant eat.

i cant beieve im writing!

uughhhh this sucks! cry cry cry.

im supposed to go out with my 2nd cousins today. but that didnt push through. then im supposed to go out with sobs (hs friends) to temple, but im not going because im sick. and there's this gig with my block friends that im not going too either. cry cry cry. illness has turned my supposedly ever so social weekend into fucking peace and relaxation at home, something i never wished for for a while.

im so bored i got to finish a book. i havent finished a book in three hours for the longest longest time. always been busy. but today, i finished erich segal's "oliver's story", sequel to our most belived "love story".

im even starting to read a new one.

i hate being home. but atleasstt, i finally get to drown in good books again. current read: "marrying buddha" by wei hui (one of my favorite author ever!!)

off i go now, dearies. gotta "rest" and pray to God i get better tomorrow.

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insane_orange said...

I really should read that book. I loved Shanghai Baby.