Friday, May 9, 2008


sometimes, when you proclaim something out loud, it goes away. sometimes, proclamation enhances it. did i make a point yet?

its like, when you tell someone you like someone, you end up liking that someone more. or when you tell the world something bad about yourself, depending on the degree of that, uhh, badness, they'd ignore it. like when i tell everyone i can be quite a bitch, they dont have to find out about it anymore, and therefore, its no longer such a big deal.

DO YOU GET WHAT IM SAYING!?!? okay, well if you dont, just, well, stop reading, because the rest of this will just confuse you.

okaaaayyyy so here i go. the statement of the month.

ive been feeling quite e level of self-doubt. "insecurity" perhaps. but more on, unsureness of what will happen in the future. it sucks because ive never been much scared of the future, because i always know i have what it takes. or pretty much some of whatever it is that it takes. (grabe, palabo ng palabo tong post na to. consider it a challenge nalang, readers.)

i think ive been excluding some kind of negative aura. i dont know. just a little. grabe. ang gulo ko na.

in this life, there is always some sweet or nasty surprise hanging around every corner. sounds poetic, no? but its true. as khan says, life is just like the books and movies. only more complicated. oh, and khan also said that "every second spent outside the house, is a second well spent" which has nothing to do with what im saying, but i just have to congratulate him for formulating such an accurate adage.


even after the instructive "..." which means "change topic", the following is still vaguely connected to the entry above.

okay, ive been with my PE classmates yesterday. we went to some pool, and i have approximately 00php on me, because i fucking stupidly left my wallet at home. imagine my horror and humiliation. but what the heck, not the point.

ive never been so relaxed and tired at the same time for a long time. probably because they are different people. and things are rather foreign. and i had so much fun with semi-strangers, which make things so much fun for me.

i think most would agree that there's this certain kind of excitement with "semi-strangers" because you have such a clean slate reputation-wise and because, well, they're spanking new!

okaaayyyy.. i dont know what im talking about anymore. sorry for wasting everyone's time waiting for a gravitational point that i cant make. maybe i'll try again next time.

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