Saturday, May 10, 2008

feels like the movies

pa's birthday after party. music in the background. people-empty tables. lots of wine glasses. caterers.

feels like the movies. surreal.

i hope it never ends.

grabe i suck at taking pictures.


so we had that 80s themed surprise party for pa's 41st birthday!

uh-huh. true true. 41st. my dad is young. he got married and started his business at 22. for his age, its been told so many times, that he is an over achiever. at 41, he's worked with prestigous groups and individuals. he's funded three girl's education, 2 of which are in college, and one graduating from hs. he built a great life for himself and for people around him.

all this in 41 years. im 18 years old, i can just multiply my age by 2, and i should be around his age. 36. shet. joke, ang layo pala.

my dad is living a full and happy life. he's at the peak of his career, he's got a great family, and he's still growing. at 41, all of us will still be growing too. even at 61. growth never stops. (well, unless you die. duh!)


it does feel like the movie. like when someone gets married, and they celebrate in a yacht, and there's a band playing. so we're not in a yacht, and there's no band playing, and no one's married too... but it just feels like it. sniff the air, feel the table cloth, look around you.

astig. it's surreal. i need more of this. (spoiled brat!)

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