Monday, May 19, 2008

Real Life

This is not vain. On the contrary, this is how I look like, beyond the boundaries of the house, dressed down.

Yup, in real life, Im just pretty much one of those tiny, almost-plain-looking, chinky-eyed morenas you see just about every corner of Manila. Everywhere. Yeah, with buckteeth.

(Ugh. I'll so regret posting this. Aside from it being too conceited, I dont look too awfully pretty in this pics. Pakshet. :| )


Also, in Real Life, even if I'm supposedly 'sick', as claimed by the doctors, I still go out. Going out actually made me better. My abdomen doesnt kill anymore, and I can almsot tolerate food intake. The latter isnt much of an achievement because I barely tolerate food intake even without the aid of any form of illnes.

Gawwd, I have to take care of my health.

This year, because of the rather effective Forcefeed Patrol my famliy and friends (especially my friends) subjugated on my eating habits, I will actually learn to eat gulay. Oh yeah, to those who don't know, eating veggies is against my principles as..., well, principles as myself. They taste like leaves. (No longer surprising, since they really are.)

Oh boy, oh boy.

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