Monday, May 26, 2008


im on the pill again. and im not doing caps.

ive been doing well with my insomnia for a week and half, then i go derange my system again. now im on the pill, just waiting for the effect to complete itself. then tomorrow, i might not sleep nanaman. sleep on tues. the not on wed. not sleep on thurs either.

messed up. messed up.


i want to travel. alone. sa malayo. with my camera. (yuck! adik) maybe someday.


i wanna sleep. have a long day ahead tomorrow.


to people who read my blog for sure:

teta, we need you. you're our sunshine, you know that.
john taala, epal mo foreveeerrr! bat ba feeling mo loser ako and hindi ko lumalabas ng bahay! un ba tingin mo sakeen? ack! bitch!
seph, hey happy pill! stop being emo. we need ur abnormal hyperness!
earl, update please! love you mumsy. smiley smiley.


open letter

a. i cant believe im you. i cant believe it. grabe.
b. sayang. arrrggghhh. sayang. all my fault. as usual.
c. stop thinking she's sorry and wants you back! gago ka ba? ur all fucking the same, man.
d. tangina! di mo lang alam! mahal na kita! lalo na pag.... hahahahaha. seccrreeettttttt... wag nio ko tanungin!!
e. waah. thank you sa alaga sobra. so sweeet. cry cry. i feel like a little girl talaga. waah.
f. hindi ako makapaniwala na nangyari un. di na mauulit. uuggghhhhh.
g. im just happy your back.


my head fucking hurts. but i cant sleep. this sucks.

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