Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Most Innocent Love Affair in my boring history


Maybe you need to know how much I love this blog.

I spend my time fiddling with the keyboard and finding the right words. To poeticize everything, vice vice vice.

As much as I want to show my feelings to the world, I cant. Because, duh... the world will be reading it.

So how much do I love this blog?

I could do this forever. Write. Rant. Complain. See how one word fits with another.

Goddamn fuck, I was born a writer. More than anything else. I love art. I love money. But there's nothing as natural as writing.

And this blog is the only outlet I have to the one thing I love.

I began writing in grade 2. I knew I was good at it when I first submitted a christmas poem to the school paper (Blue Mantel pa ung name nung school paper ko dati). THEEENNNN, the staff wont accept it because they wont believe that I wrote it. It was tragedy then, because I can't understand why they wont take it. But thinking back, GRABE! THAT WAS SO FUCKING FLATTERING AH!!

I kept on writing since then. Ewan. I just "enjoyed" it. Then it went on and on and on... and I'm not stopping, even if i tried.

It's been a love affair, actually. This blog. My writing. It fades every now and then, then it resurrects itself. Just like spark in a 5 year relationship. I make mistakes too. Lovely ones. Things that Writing, if he were a human being, would be totally against. Taking fine arts for example. I mean, there is no writing involved there. You barely even get to use words.

Then there's being inactive in the Tomasian Writer's Guild. I dont know. I just didn't have the time back then.

Then there's censoring. There's so much I want to write but never do lest being judged. In this human world, it's a basic fact: People judge. It's instinct. It's something we can't escape.

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