Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Sides of the World


Life is so twisted. I'm currently reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter and I'm thinking that I shouldn't be believing in books. They are stories to entertain us, not to educate.

Either way, everything is possible.




1. Anne Curtis or Heart Evangelista

I used to like Anne Curtis better, but I'm leaning on Heart now. Because Heart is more 'real'. But she can be fucking pacute at times. Anne too. But Anne's sexier. Heart's more of a darling.

Can't decide again. But they're pretty much the same.

2. Kim Chiu or Sandara Park

ANG PACUTE KAYA NI KIM CHIU! I mean both have no talent to speak off and are worthless, anyway. Yeah, and both are annoying as fungi. I dont know.

Agh! Sandara's a tad more charming and Kim Chiu's a tad more annoying and fucking bopek. Sandara wins!

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